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    Are you tired of being TIRED? Sick of being in PAIN

    Do you constantly find yourself setting a GOAL and within weeks beating yourself up for not sticking to the plan?


    Are you OVERWHELMED, running around like there is just not enough time in the day?


    How often do you feel that you take 3-STEPS FORWARD and 2-STEPS BACK

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  • I will share with you a life changing modality called

    Bio Energetic Synchronisation Technique

    Learn how you could have a RADIANT-ENERGETIC life PAIN-FREE.


    Let me show you how we can RELEASE the foggy glasses of exhaustion so you can truly achieve your goals free of guilt, blame, shame or judgment.


    REMOVE your old self-sabotaging patterns and make more time for who you really want to be.

    Interference causes our bodies systems to become exhausted

    System exhaustion manifests as muscle and joint pain, fatigue, digestive issues, hormonal imbalance, and emotional stress, to name a few. When this happens, we are given a name for our condition. Names like Hypertension, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Stress, Diabetes, Headaches, Over Weight, and Lack of Clarity and Cognition.

    Come see how your body reacts to the interference in your life

  • See a live demonstration of

    Bio Energetics Synchronisation Technique.




    Learn how you can change your life by implementing the 6-ESSENTIALS




    Discover how you are in control of your own healing potential.


    Here is what Janine F from Glenview experienced:

    Thank you Pam for helping me to release the weight of the world from my shoulders. I have always found if hard to ask for help but you made it easy. I feel like my life is only going to get better now that I have so much less inner turmoil. I am already starting to see some pretty major changes after only a few sessions.

    Aug 2016

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    Here is what Helga M has to say

    I had some really fantastic treatments from Pam. I had a very annoying repetitive thought, could not get rid of it. Got a treatment, walked out the door and that thought never annoyed me again.

    Another time Pam treated me about the deep sadness of the passing of my beloved dog 6 years ago. I can now talk about her without going into this deep sadness. Every time I get a treatment I feel lighter, like something heavy has been lifted from me.

  • Bookings are essential as space is limited

    Call today and secure your seat for this FREE no obligation Presentation.

    0458 603 814