• Discover You

    Stepping into the ultimate expression of you!


    Stepping into the ultimate expression of you!!


    Is the life you are creating the one you want?

    Are you reaching your true potential?

    Are you living aligned with your passion and purpose?


    Our unique DISCOVER YOU program is a two-day intensive program to identify and release emotional roadblocks fast.

    Drop your emotional baggage, address and smash self-limiting beliefs, embrace forgiveness around all to move into the BEST version of you. This program is high-paced and life-changing. After all, if you don't look after your health, then who will?

    The DISCOVER YOU program is a personal transformation process which uses the gentle, non-evasive methods of B.E.S.T. - a healing technique used to remove subconscious emotional blocks, so you can experience true health, wealth and happiness.

    You already have many of the pieces. Now it's time to pull together all the lessons you've learned and identify, clear and release any negative beliefs and patterns which are still holding you back from experiencing the B.E.S.T. version of YOU and your life!


    It is time to shift gears and jump to the next level of growth and awareness, so book today for the DISCOVER YOU workshop!

    A mind, open and free of these blocks, works in tandem with our heart and soul as the ultimate expression of YOU.


    Experience the B.E.S.T. Expression of YOU through DISCOVER YOU program.


    • Feeling free and focused
    • Being aligned to your goals
    • A clear awareness of who you are
    • Hands on clearing from 2 experienced B.E.S.T. practitioners.

    Why choose Pam and Emma


    With 10 years of combined experience in Bio Energetics Synchronisation Technique (B.E.S.T) we have both walked our own personal journeys of Self-Discovery. We understand and appreciate the challenges that arise in time management, prioritising self and the importance of integration from old patterns to newly discovered desires. We promote Health and Wellness from a practical view and how to effectively make these changes.


    What others have to say


    Andrea Sunshine Coast

    Loved it!!! Gained some much clarity & motivation, Pam is awesome, so knowledgeable & insightful – thanks so much


    Holly Sunshine Coast

    Even though I've been working with Pam and BEST for nearly a year, I was still surprised by the amount of info I learned about the body and our physical/emotional processes at the DY workshop. It was lovely to for the participants to share our individual experiences as there were lessons we could learn from each other's journeys. Lastly thank you so much Pam for helping me to find and slot in a big piece that was missing from my soul's purpose puzzle. So grateful for you and BEST!!


    Kim Sunshine Coast

    Thank you so much for our wonderful B.E.S.T. session a couple of weeks ago. I felt very energised and clear over the days following the appointment with concise thought patterns and focused thinking. Emma, you explained the process as we moved through so I not only enjoyed learning all about it but I felt safe and nurtured whilst experiencing a new practice of healing. I will definitely recommend this therapy to others who will benefit from the experience.




    * Your own DISCOVER YOU, workbook full of daily reminders and tips to keep you on track

    * Hands on B.E.S.T. treatments to remove Emotional Blocks by the Elite Practitioners Pam an Emma

    * Practical tools to implement in your daily routine to keep you accountable

    * Afternoon tea and light lunch

    * Neurological Balancing Exercise

    * 6-Essentials Handy Guide

    * The Art of Forgiveness a detailed program with your own journal to keep you on track


    DATE: 16th and 17th May

    Location BEST Studio





    *** EARLY BIRD ***

    Book and pay by 16th April and you can bring a friend at HALF PRICE ONLY $397.50


    payment plans available.